Faith and Technology

Andy Crouch writes, “[T]he genius of Steve Jobs was to persuade us, at least for a little while, that cold comfort is enough. The world—at least the part of the world in our laptop bags and our pockets, the devices that display our unique lives to others and reflect them to ourselves—will get better. This is the sense in which the tired old cliché of ‘the Apple faithful’ and the ‘cult of the Mac’ is true. It is a religion of hope in a hopeless world, hope that your ordinary and mortal life can be elegant and meaningful, even if it will soon be dated, dusty and discarded like a 2001 iPod.”

“Steve Jobs: The Secular Prophet,” by Andy Crouch.  The Wall Street Journal, October 8, 2011.

“Nine Things You Didn’t Know About the Life of Steve Jobs,” by Taylor Hatmaker. Tecca, October 6, 2011

(House Reading Group, November 1, 2011)


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