The Ethics and Efficacy of Stem Cell Research

“The Science and Ethics of Induces Pluripotency: What Will Become of Embryonic Stem Cells?” by David G. Zacharias, Timothy J. Nelson, Paul S. Mueller, and C. Christopher Hook.  Mayo Clinic Proceedings, July 2011. (subscription required)

“Alternative Energy for Embryonic Stem Cell Research,” by Markus Grompe., October 11, 2007.

“Lab-Made Trachea Saves Man,” by Gautam Naik.  The Wall Street Journal, July 8, 2011.

“150 human-animal hybrids grown in UK labs: embryos have been grown secretively for the past three years,” by Daniel Martin and Simon Caldwell.  The Daily Mail, July 22, 2011

(House Reading Group, July 26, 2011.)

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